What Is a Liberal

Liberals Don’t Support the Military

What is a liberal view on the military? Liberals tend to view the military with respect and will only send their brave soldiers to wars that directly threaten America. Liberals believe that there are many ways to solve problems before resorting to war with an emphasis on diplomacy. Many liberals serve in the military.

Liberals Love Evolution

What is a liberal view of the idea that liberals love evolution? Liberalism is grounded in the idea that we continue to learn, grow and progress as human beings. One of the ways we learn about the world around us is to observe and measure it. This produces verifiable facts based on large amounts and data and evidence. Liberals support evolution because it has been exhaustively researched and tested and is the best explanation to date of how life evolved and continues to evolve on planet earth.

Liberals Are Why America Is Going Downhill

What is a liberal view of the idea that liberals are making America go downhill? This is a myth spread by politicians and groups that don’t want you to see what is truly bringing America down: Continuous movement toward more and more conservatism. Since about 1994 there has been a concerted political effort to destroy liberal ideas rather than trying them out. The irony is that, if you fund many liberal ideas, the American people notice the benefits to the country, which doesn’t bode well for other political persuasions. Congress is almost bereft of liberals and most policies are laws are fashioned with dramatic concessions to conservatives. We’ve seen what this approach has yielded, perhaps the American people will eventually realize that liberal policies build everyone up, not just a gilded few.

Liberals Don’t Have Morals

What is a liberal view of the idea that liberals don’t have morals? Liberals have a range of morals just like everyone else. The crux of liberal morals is doing everything in your power to help others and build a just society for everyone, not just for a few people or a certain group. Liberals also believe in the one moral underpinning that can help us eliminate many evils in the world, love for oneself and each other. Liberals believe in respecting other people’s morals as long as no laws are being broken. Liberals oppose people who profess to be moral and then marginalize people or limit their ability to achieve the American Dream.

Liberals Are against Religion

What is a liberal view of the idea that liberals are against religion? Liberals practice all kinds of religions and sometimes none. Liberals believe in religious freedom and the separation of church and state. The United States is a democracy run by its people not by its churches. Liberals don’t want to limit religious expression, they just don’t want it forced upon anyone or to have a single religion claim it represents all Americans. Liberals don’t support using religion to gain power or control people.

Liberals Love Redistributing Wealth

What is a liberal view of redistributing wealth? Liberals support people making a living wage, paying taxes based on how much they make, and becoming wealthy. They also believe that controls should be in place so that the majority of Americans have an opportunity to become wealthy, not just a few people. Under liberal policies, the rich stay rich and the poor have a shot at the American Dream as well. Liberals don’t support the idea that you give all the power to a few rich individuals or powerful corporations and leave all other Americans fighting over the remaining scraps.

Politicians Are All the Same

What is a liberal view of politicians being all the same? This is a myth espoused by politicians and groups that don’t want you to know that there are huge differences between liberals and other political persuasions. In a liberal country, people have affordable health care, wars are fought as a last resort, Americans help each other succeed, education helps everyone be competitive, individual rights are paramount, consumer protections are important, corporations don’t run the show, and every citizen has an opportunity to achieve the American dream. Other political philosophies say they support these things but the results of their policies don’t match their assertions. The next time you go to vote, analyze your favorite politician’s record (not just what they say) and decide for yourself if they actually help build a well-functioning America. There are very few liberals in congress, perhaps if there were more we’d see the value of their approach more clearly and the country would benefit accordingly.